Stairs and Rails

We design and verify stair and rail assemblies.

  • Switchback and tower assemblies
  • Monumental stairs
  • Curved Stairs
  • Rails and guards
  • Platforms and Ladders

Design Verification

Do you need supporting calculations for your stair design? Projects that require ‘designs by an engineer licensed in the jurisdiction of the project’ are our business. We provide calculations to verify stair and rail assemblies. From preliminary member sizing to final construction, we ensure that our designs are efficient and constructible. We provide all the information that your detailer requires to accurately draw any type of assembly. We work with you and your schedule. Unique specifications are no problem, as we design for industry standards and site specific requirements. We also analyze a variety of materials, including carbon steel, fiber reinforced composites, stainless, aluminum, and glass.

Stair Analysis and Design

We use state of the art analysis and design software. We have the capability to use finite element modeling for complex shapes and configurations. Loads and reactions are accurately calculated, so that stresses and deflections are minimized.

Monumental Stairs

Complex shapes or configurations are no problem. We can analyze bent members, built-up beams, and composite construction. No project is too complex.

Rails and Guards

We provide analysis of hand rails and guards of any material type. We optimize post spacing to minimize fabrication costs. We include connections to structural support, such as anchors, bolts and welds. Where requested, we provide options so that designs can be incorporated into a variety of applications.

Platforms and Ladders

Our platform designs provide safe and effective worker access without limiting production. We analyze caged ladders, including connections to structural components.


Our calculations are clear and concise, and easy to follow. Your submittals are quickly approved, so that your project can move forward.


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Our Clients love that their submittals are approved quickly, allowing their projects to move forward without delay. Brown Consulting is the fabricator's engineer for delegated design and calculations. If you would like more information about our services, please feel free to contact me with questions or comments.

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