We provide calculations for structural steel connections subject to any loading condition.

  • Shear-only
  • Shear and axial
  • Moment
  • Horizontal shear
  • Vertical Bracing

Design Verification

Do you need supporting calculations for your steel submittal? Projects that require ‘designs by an engineer licensed in the jurisdiction of the project’ are our business. Over the past four decades, we have developed a library of connection algorithms allowing us to produce calculations for even the most complex connections. Our shop drawing verification ensures that your drawings comply with our calculations. Our submittals provide all the information that your detailer needs to draw efficient connections.


We provide calculations for all your most commonly used shear-only connections, including double angle, shear tab, end plate, and bent plate. Ratings are clearly shown, so your detailer can select the most efficient connection at a particular location.

Shear and Axial

We provide calculations for connections that support shear and axial loads.  We provide job-specific schedules and sketches to quickly and accurately select end connections that meet the project requirements.


We provide calculations for moment connections. Whenever possible, we size plates and welds based on actual loads, up to the full moment capacity of the beam. We provide options so that your detailer has flexibility in tight conditions. Our designs minimize costly components, such as web doublers or stiffeners, resulting in economical fabrications.

Vertical Bracing

We provide calculations for end connections for vertical bracing. We size bolts and welds based on required loads, and optimize each connection. Required details are clearly shown on schedules and sketches so that your detailer can quickly and thoroughly draw these critical components.


Our calculations are clear and concise, and easy to follow. Your submittals are quickly approved, so that your project can move forward.


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Our Clients love that their submittals are approved quickly, allowing their projects to move forward without delay. Brown Consulting is the fabricator's engineer for delegated design and calculations. If you would like more information about our services, please feel free to contact me with questions or comments.

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