Field Fix

When things go awry, we quickly design remedies based on your field dimensions.

  • Missed embeds
  • Bolt hole misalignment
  • Dimensional discrepancies
  • Design Issues
  • Unique Situations

Design Verification

Do you need supporting calculations for your corrective action?  We recognize that construction does not always go to plan.  From misplaced embeds to long or short dimensions, we provide comprehensive calculations that support our designs.

Missing Embeds

We encounter missed concrete embeds often. Whether the embed is absent or misplaced, we provide remedies fast so that your project can continue. From welds, to bolts or anchors, we design a solution that works.

Bolt Hole Alignment

For whatever reason, even no reason at all, the bolt holes don’t align.  We provide an alternative connection using field welds to ensure the connection meets all performance requirements.

Dimensional Discrepancies

Whether detailed too long or too short, we design field connections that are just right.

Design Issues

Construction projects are complex endeavors that require many people working together.  Sometimes, things do not work out as planned.  When design issues occur, we work with all parties to develop a solution that keeps your project moving. 

Unique Situations

If you work construction, or you have gotten this far, you know what unique situations can occur.  Yes, you would not believe what we have seen.  We have the experience to solve most issues.  We use engineering to develop workable solutions based on actual field conditions.


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Our Clients love that their submittals are approved quickly, allowing their projects to move forward without delay. Brown Consulting is the fabricator's engineer for delegated design and calculations. If you would like more information about our services, please feel free to contact me with questions or comments.

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